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Not every WATP fan leaves negative reviews

Some of us love the fact you brought us After-Pomme Swipes After. #CardiffElectricArmy

Not every WATP fan is crazy

Some of us love the fact you brought us After-Pomme Swipes After. #CardiffElectricArmy

Beware Of Simping Potatoes

This show is as delicious as bacon fat

Yes Please

True to their word, they are crude and opinionated. They do not shy away from any topic, they seek to make you laugh, but they will not attempt to fit in to any standards that society has for them. Conformity is not in their nature. Join them for a wild romp through any number of subjects!

Funny AF

Like hanging out with a couple of old friends. I laugh out loud and keep going back for more. A fantastic way to escape all the seriousness of the day and just enjoy a bit of good fun. Smart and dumb all wrapped up in a big delicious ball.

Swipe Subscribe

Mom Swipes Left is a mix of humor, slice of life, topical discussions, and honesty all rolled into one entertaining listen. Their backlog is full of variety as well. Give them a listen and subscribe now to have some good laughs and a great podcast to have on while traveling, working or relaxing!


The ladies are straight up funny that’s for sure. However, I don’t know why all the burps aren’t edited out😫They’re simply unnecessary and obnoxious in a podcast that could otherwise be five stars.

I’m not one to laugh out loud

Listen. I don’t laugh out loud very often, but these ladies bust my gut with the raw and real comedy that is life. Enjoy them and laugh with them because it’s just pure fun in this crazy world.

Fan freaking tastic podcast

These ladies are hysterical and tells it like it is, no holding back! Thanks for the laughs, insight and honesty!!!

Hilarious! I love these ladies!!

I just happened upon this show while creating my own podcast on (which is not nearly as funny as this one) and I am now hooked! I can’t wait to hear the next episode!!

Fantastic Show, Hysterical AND Insightful!!

Love the chemistry the team has, not afraid to talk about the taboo or risqué. Definitely an up and coming show! Can’t wait to hear the next episode.


I laughed so hard at the latest episode I fell in the shower and almost spilled my wine. I look forward to this every week, love what you ladies are doing. Keep it up!

Edge of my seat

What will you ladies think of next?!!! So funny and edgy. I can’t wait for the next episodes!!!!

I don’t care who you are, that is funny!

Not what I expected, episodes get better each time. Keep it up ladies

Thank you!

After only four episodes, my marriage has improved more rapidly than a year of couples therapy . . . and it's free! Keep 'em coming!

Lots of Rewards Each Episode

Can see this turning into a smash love/life/hygiene advice podcast that gets syndicated to indie publications! Keep it up Jen, Sophie, and Carol.

Thumbs Up

I don't know how these three are so funny - but they are.


It’s really funny. Those gals are a riot.


“It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!”