Jan. 15, 2023

Episode 210(v2): The REAL 210

Episode 210(v2): The REAL 210

With all due respect to Cardiff, we are back with another 210 mostly because we're brain dead and screwed up the order of episodes. But more importantly, WE'RE BACK! This week, Jen and Carol catch up on notable news and ask the hard question "What happened to all the white dog shit?" Also, is beating an infant a felony?

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00:02:00 Is The System Broken?: The Reality Of Mental Health Care In ER Hallways

00:03:12 The Universal Need For Bread And Milk Among Elderly People
00:10:45 The Joys Of Reading Periodicals
00:22:39 Exploring The Mysteries Of A Late-night Visitor: Was She Just Nuts?
00:24:51 The Fear Of Parenthood And The Disgust Of Maggots
00:26:18 The Internet: A Cliffhanger Of Ads
00:28:41 Hit With A Cast Iron Skillet: A Story Of Hot Hamburger And Fat
00:43:38 Remembering Gallagher, Bob Saget, And Fat Old Men
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