Dec. 4, 2022

Episode 207: Not All Cats Have Vaginas

Episode 207: Not All Cats Have Vaginas

This week, both Jen and Carol have a shitlist: Mpox and butter boards. One is racist; the other is just stupid. Cranberry joins the ladies in the last No Nut November report and a SHOCKING discovery is made. Is it ok to amputate someone's problematic foot? Are ants in the rice really the end of the world?

00:01:36 Exploring The Uncomfortable Link Between Monkeys And Black People

00:02:43 Blaming China For The Virus: Seems Fair

00:04:30 Butter Boards: New Snack Idea Or Petri Dish?
00:06:35 The Debate Over Designated Chopping Boards Rages On
00:07:39 The End Of No Nut November Causes Confusion And Outrage
00:10:02 Man Finds New Lease On Life When Realizing Reasons For Masturbating
00:12:10 Joel Forgets To High-Five But Still Wins The Day
00:13:25 Use It Or Lose It: The Reality Of Erectile Dysfunction
00:14:54 Cranberry Refuses To Examine Cat Butts: A Journey Of Self Discovery
00:15:20 Exploring The Mystery Of Feline Anatomy: Do Cats Have Vaginas?
00:16:23 Uncle Chen Smokes His Way Through 42k Marathon In Under 4 Hours
00:21:17 Nurse Amputates Man's Foot With Bandage Scissors To Teach Kids A Lesson
00:23:36 Dr. Laura's Mother Found Dead In Condo After Three Months; Dog Eats Father-In-Law
00:25:36 Ants In The Rice: Investigating An Egregious Question And Understandable Homicide
00:28:58 The Famous Georgia Dog: A Tourist Attraction With Five Star Reviews
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