Nov. 20, 2022

Episode 205: And Liv Makes Three

Episode 205: And Liv Makes Three

It's a jam-packed episode with the newest Cranberry Update, even more snake news, and why Jen hates dolphins. Who doesn't love a pair of balls in any photo? Can you poison yourself with molasses? Also, if you think listening to two women discuss sports is painful, try listening to four.

00:01:00 Molasses Causes Intestinal Defoliation In Rural America

00:04:08 Cranberry Report: I've Quit The Edging

00:05:37 Howard: The Story Of A Cat's Arsehole

00:09:41 Jizz Jars And Ginger Cunts
00:11:15 Does Dehydration Cause Anti-Semitism?
00:13:56 The Pussy Picture: A Gift For A Stranger
00:16:15 It's A Disgusting Part Of The Job, Says Aquarium Employee
00:16:43 Dolphin Recognition: From Pee-Tasting To Personalities
00:18:34 How To Create Amazing Photos Using Just Your Nuts
00:21:23 The Temptation Experience: A Pool Full Of Cum
00:26:12 Snake Pulled From Woman's Mouth In Bizarre Operation
00:31:23 Dobermans And Snakes:The Smell Is Incredible
00:32:29 Olivia: The Best Job I Never Had
00:37:50 The UK Mirror Just Sucks, Says American Housewife
00:42:06 A Helpful Tip From Johnny Dickshot