Nov. 13, 2022

Episode 204: The Problem with Snakes

Episode 204: The Problem with Snakes

Jen and Carol have a very serious chat with Cranberry about how his No Nut November has been so far. And what's up with kids and snakes these days? Apologies to Ab Chav and Ricky Gervais for Jen's handicap, and why is fire so fun?

00:01:37  Twitter Check Mark: Does Anyone Really Care?
00:02:08  MAGA Turns On Satanic Elon Musk

00:03:22  Heidi Klum Knockoff Costume Channel Coming Soon!

00:05:18  Ricky Gervais' American Accent Needs Work Says Maine Native
00:08:09  Cranberry Melts Down In No Nut November
00:08:41  The Negative Effects Of Edging
00:08:56  Artist With Bollocks The Size Of Melons Stands By His Work
00:12:29  I'm Addicted To Masturbation And I'm Not Ashamed: Housewife Confession
00:13:19  The Importance Of Punishment For Jen
00:19:00  Effects Of Old Age: Barbara Struggles To Remove A Jacket
00:20:57  Do Snakes Have An Anus? The Answer Might Surprise You!
00:26:32  Warning For Parents! Creepy Woman Creates Stories That May Harm Children
00:29:43  Old Man Balls: A Bedtime Story
00:35:39  Gen X-ers Enjoy Offensive TV Episodes
00:36:20  The Dangers Of After School Specials