Oct. 30, 2022

Episode 202: A Spoooooky Episode

Episode 202: A Spoooooky Episode

The ladies present a world of horror just in time for Halloween. Special guest Cranberry talks about his upcoming No-Nut November, and Jen has frightened herself while researching ghosts caught on tape. Carol proves that she truly is a horror movie aficionado and is only scared of people-sized things. It's beautiful when two serial killers find love, and also, what is trapped in Rue's tail.

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00:02:27 No-Nut November: Man Ejaculates 12 Times A Day In Preparation

00:05:46 Man Rushed To Hospital After Botched Hand Job
00:06:53 He's Not Gay, He Just Loves His Cats And Musical Theater!
00:08:18 No-Nut November To Be Tested By Naughty Texting
00:09:06 TV Sitcom Writer Considers 'Storage Wars' Spinoff Using Vaginas
00:24:59 Jen And Sophie's Gagging FaceTime Leads To Unexpected Peeing
00:27:40 SERIAL?: Serial Killer Only Killed Two People
00:32:16 Ronald Defeo Jr. Recants Testimony From 1974 Mass Murder Case
00:35:38 Homeowner's Frustration: Yeah, I Have A Lot Of Flies
00:38:03 The Conjuring: The Annabelle Doll Is Back And Stupid
00:38:53 Girl's Parents Buy Her An Android Doll And It Comes To Life
00:39:41 Dolls Aren't Just For Kids Anymore: Life-Sized Dolls Are Horrifying
00:41:46 Love Connection: The Beauty Of Serial Killers In Love
0043:39  Poor Baby Girl Found With Large Mass On Tail: A Halloween Grooming Gone Wrong