Dec. 5, 2021

Episode 155: It's Bingo, Baby!

Episode 155: It's Bingo, Baby!

Literally. This episode is a bingo game, so go get your fancy MSL X-Mas Movie Bingo card here! Jen and Carol talk with the creator of this fascinating twist to an old classic. Also, his wife died from an oyster. NO JOKE. Also, there's a lot of vagina news.

It's the Hallmark Christmas Movie Mom Swipes Left Bingo GAME!

Link to the bingo card generator:

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1:25    Carol's brother update
2:40    #freebleeding 'Merica!
4:20    A beef with Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn 
7:10    We call The Viral Podcast
9:55    A Fan-Fucking-Tastic!
10:55   Meet Mr. Mark Pickle
11:36   Christmas Tree Decorating
11:43   Visit to Get a Christmas Tree
12:27   A Christmas Change of Heart
13:22   Jumping to Conclusions
14:04   Transportation Glitch
14:19   A Past Broken Heart
19:28   Inappropriate Christmas Decoration
22:08   Mormon Mom TV
22:39   Instant Ovulation
24:02   Reference to the Death of a Loved One
28:47   An Ex is Back in the Picture
31:14   More Notable Vagina News
31:31   Vagina Beer
39:36   MSL Gift Guide!
42:29   Holiday Baking
43:08   Reference to an Ugly Christmas Sweater
43:20   Luminol spray
44:43   Socials