Sept. 12, 2021

Episode 143: Marijuana, Ivermectin, and Black Beauties

Episode 143: Marijuana, Ivermectin, and Black Beauties

It's a challenging episode where Carol and Jen traverse difficult conversations about Texas abortion and guns, the idiocy of Joe Rogan, and the frustration of never locating a McDonald's ice cream machine that works. Carol has a fucked up childhood memory that reveals some surprising truths in addition to discovering a possible repressed memory of being fucked by a bird-sized man.

1:05    Carol's fake grievance with Jen

2:34    Why are McDonald's ice cream machines always broken?
4:39    Joe Rogan had Covid and probably won't die
6:08    A Mom Swipes Left disclaimer
8:39    A little information about Texas abortion
9:16    The "brilliance" of the Texas abortion law
9:40    Texas just opened the flood gates
11:11   A theory about a Republican sex cabal
15:25   Carol's Fucked Up Childhood Memories
23:22   Google search terms
25:26   Burp porn
25:59   Butt crack porn
29:40   Dear Daddy, what makes a pretty cock?
33:06   Hypoplasia
34:33   Do you have a pretty penis according to science?
35:02   Hypospadias
37:42   Carol learns about big bird dicks
39:48   Socials

Photo: "Drug companies to collaborate on Alzheimer's disease" by opensourceway is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0