Aug. 8, 2021

Episode 140: A Question of Jen's Mothering

Episode 140: A Question of Jen's Mothering

This week Jen and Carol talk to "Alan", Jen's son, about how her mothering technique is oftentimes questionable. Also, a moldy car update; more information about the great bird die-off; and a shocking announcement that you better sit down for.

0:59    "Alan's" grievance with Jen

1:32    Jen explains sex
2:44    Jen explains the dangers of fire
3:30    Jen explains how to bomb a joke
5:58    Jen explains a sexy salami
6:39    Jen explains why most men are gay
9:05    All the ways "Alan" sucked
11:00  'nough said
15:07  Update on the car mildew
16:35  Notable animal news
17:10  The truth about the bird die-off
22:38  Carol goes dark with the Covid
24:06  A Mahna nana nightmare
26:42  Jen almost cries due to PTSD
27:46  A shocking announcement and also socials

Photo: "Mom" by Karolis Live is licensed under CC BY 2.0