April 11, 2021

Episode 123: Why Corduroys Aren't Cool

Episode 123: Why Corduroys Aren't Cool

Jen and Carol are headed back to work this week and it's thrown a wrench into the show. Carol debates whether Jen's couch smells like her ass, and Jen relays a startling tendency in her family. Exploding Head Syndrome, urethral sounding, and how to hide a boner rounds out this episode.

1:11    The ladies are going back to work
1:56    Carol got sweaty in Jen's living room
2:23    The smell of Jen's couch...
3:29    might be Jen's ass
7:37    Jen says goodbye to her fantasy Covid life
8:34    The sad story of Aunt Pat
10:35   The FaceBook hunt for single men
12:06   Gin does NOT make you svelte

2:44   A lurker interrupts the show

14:28   Turning nuts runs in Jen's family
18:38   Knotty Knickers
20:31   The truth about period panties
21:05   A Kitty disclaimer
31:21   Trump update
35:10   How to hide a boner
42:32   Why are corduroys not cool?
43:40   Socials
43:54   How to get your degree in esoterica

Photo: "Crompton Corduroy 1956" by myvintagevogue is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0