Nov. 29, 2020

Episode 104: Real People-Comedians Ian Stuart and James Theberge

Episode 104: Real People-Comedians Ian Stuart and James Theberge

The ladies welcome comedians Ian Stuart and James Theberge to talk about their web series "Welcome to Maine". Jen callously asks about diseases, deformities, and odd-ball body tricks while Carol asks "pot or pussy" and what would they rather jam in their asses. Braille t-shirts, the undeniable sexiness of Tim Sample, and why cryptozoologists may taste fecal samples.

0:00 Carol and Jen pop the Welcome to Maine cherry
2:00 Welcome to Maine's Ian Stuart and James Theberge
5:44 Ian's famous wall-eye Marty Feldman Rodney Dangerfield
6:37 What the hell happened to James' nose?
9:45 James' nasty finger bending trick Not James, but similar
11:27 Jen tells James she is also single. Apparently he did not hear her.
12:26 Kimmy Gibbler
14:18 What kind of vagina does Ian prefer? Go figure
16:22 What was Ian and James' first porn experience?
17:26 Is it ok to jack off to birthing books?
21:00 The absolute fuckabililty of Tim Sample
22:33 Shit-yer-pants Club envy
24:31 Who is the better Mainer?
29:45 Cryptozoologists taste fecal samples...not many people know this.
31:12 Steven King's On Writing
33:38 How much lobster can one fit in one's ass?
35:38 A very secret fart
36:02 Area 51 has been moved to Lisbon Falls, Maine
37:20 The magic of Jay's Ballet.
38:50 Pot or pussy?
40:23 If you jizz a little in your underwear, did you technically cum in your pants?
40:57 Where to find Welcome to Maine? Also, here. And in person here.
Also, if you like to smoke pot, check out Ian's column in theMaine Cannabis Chronicle


Photo: courtesy of Welcome to Maine.