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May 22, 2022

Episode 179: Worst Ways to Die

Carol's convinced she has breast cancer and Jen tries to cheer her up with worse ways to die. Why do nipples have hair? How is Jo…

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May 15, 2022

Episode 178: Fan-Fucking-Tastic Richard

Who knew a "Gentlemen's Club" was so similar to Old Country Buffet? This week, Jen and Carol talk to self-proclaimed Glory Hole a…

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April 24, 2022

Episode 175: From Pomme to the Bristol Stool Chart

Carol's feeling famous and Jen is pissed at her own eyelids. The ladies clear up some questions about Pomme Swipes After, and Car…

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April 17, 2022

Episode 174: Everyone's a Faker

This week Carol and Jen descend into the madness of fakery. Why do people pretend to be better than they are? Why won't Carol let…

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March 27, 2022

Episode 171: O to the R to the G to the Y

It's not an orgy per se, but it certainly is a clusterf@ck. Carol is hungover and Jen accidentally irritates her. Where is Carol'…

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March 20, 2022

Episode 170: Old Hog Bits

Carol's pee hole tours the state of Maine while Jen decides to sign up to sniff her dog's poop every day for two months. Who knew…

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March 13, 2022

Episode 169: Of Umbrage and Puddin'

It's an episode filled with phone calls and bitching. Joel corrects Jen and Carol on the proper way to remove impacted shit, and …

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March 6, 2022

Episode 168: The MAW Army

The ladies acknowledge the bravery of the Ukrainians and suggest that an army of rage-filled middle-aged women may be a solution,…

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Feb. 27, 2022

Episode 167: Not My Circus; Not My Monkeys

The ladies discuss how Carol violated Jen's couch, and Jen makes her ukulele debut. Ever stick your cock in a vacuum cleaner? Eve…

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Feb. 20, 2022

Episode 166: Submissive Defecation and Jen's Couch

An unexpected start to the show leads to some fireworks between Jen and Carol. They make up by trying out several ideas for podca…

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Feb. 13, 2022

Episode 165: The Schrodinger's Cat of Moist Towelettes

Carol finally puts her Tuna Cooch rumor to bed while Jen proves to be the poster person for International Quirky Alone Day. Is it…

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Feb. 6, 2022

Episode 164: Real People-Beth Darling

Get out your lube for this one! Jen and Carol talk to sexpert and sexy genius Beth Darling. Jen learns that the smell of burning …

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Jan. 30, 2022

Episode 163: Fan-Fuckin-Tastic Jordan from Dads on Dayquill

This week, after a shitlist about celebrity aging, the ladies play Two Truths and a Lie with Jordan (AKA The Gnome) from the Dads…

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Jan. 23, 2022

Episode 162: A Most Informative Episode

A chock-a-block episode of information! Jen and Carol roll out a brand new segment called "Greenhorn Dispatch" and the ladies ask…

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Jan. 16, 2022

Episode 161: The Queers Can Fix Anything

Carol decides that Jen is a perfect candidate for Queer Eye, and Jen witnesses a shocking moment at the grocery store. Yeasty Ken…

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