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Nov. 24, 2019

Episode 51: Carol vs. Urban Legends

Kegel exercises; the choking Doberman; baby flasks

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Nov. 17, 2019

Episode 50: From the Echo Chamber

Joel gets ugly; semen allergies; holiday gift guide #1

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Nov. 10, 2019

Episode 49: The (Cowboy) Cut

TWOT analysis; white trash fighting; child porn

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Nov. 3, 2019

Episode 48: Carol's Slow Seduction of a Guest

Carol seduces with burps; Carol seduces with obnoxious sighs; Carol seduces with song

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Oct. 27, 2019

Episode 47: Another Cutting Room Floor

Slow people; small condoms; menstrual cup tips

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Oct. 20, 2019

Episode 46: Please Be Advised

Gin-soaked tampons; erotic vomiting; ear schmears

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Oct. 13, 2019

Episode 45: Carol Jumps the Gun

A gynecological nightmare; the mystery of an abdominal flap; why birds are angry

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Oct. 6, 2019

Episode 44: Off the Rails

Circus peanuts; faux foreskin; mega-shmegma

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Sept. 29, 2019

Episode 43: Vaginal Smells

Dog piss; rat poison; Mucinex

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Sept. 22, 2019

Episode 42: Networking

Sex party download; Mrs. Jefferson's secret; kissing Joel

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Sept. 15, 2019

Episode 41: How to Prep for a Sex Party

Sprayed by a skunk; Dead Book; G-A-U-C-O

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Sept. 8, 2019

Episode 40: Jen Takes to the Road

Joel, the slave boy; Jen, the fetish queen; Carol, slurring words

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Sept. 2, 2019

Episode 39: Au revoir, Sophie

Sophie's schule for skool; Sophie slights the asshole; Sophie, pregnant at 50

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Aug. 25, 2019

Episode 38: Another Cutting Room Floor

Flying butt plugs; a fire hose in the vagina; the lonely asshole

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Aug. 18, 2019

Episode 37: Short but Not Sweet

Epstein's prison stint; Carol's labia curtains; the Log Dick

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